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There are several different financing options for the consumer to finally be able to acquire the good he so desires. However, care must be taken with the interest rates charged for each of the main types of credit. Below, we present more information for you to know a little more about this very important subject for the consumer.


The most well-known forms of financing are:


The payment terms of this modality are similar to those of others, although the rates are lower when compared to Direct Consumer Credit. It is an alternative that presents a more practical return on the asset, since it is in the name of the financial institution itself, until the payment is completed. In addition, another advantage is the fact that it does not demand collection of the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF). But, on the other hand, there may be a charge for Services Tax (ISS). The minimum discharge period is two years and the resale process is very bureaucratic and somewhat expensive.



credit loans

In this type of credit, there is the security that the asset will be registered in the consumer’s name from the first payment – which provides for a more agile resale. On the other hand, the interest here is high and IOF is charged, which makes the installments very high. The customer defines the total number of installments to settle the good. The big advantage, in this case, is a discount on installments that are paid in advance.




It is simplified, as it does not require analysis of consumer credit and only presents the collection of the administration fee. However, the tricky point in this alternative is the plaster cast to obtain the good, as it is necessary that your title be drawn and this, sometimes, tends to take time. There is no entry charge, only installments, which may vary according to the consumer’s availability. There is no interest being charged on payments.

What did you think about knowing better about CDC, consortium and leasing? What would be the best option for you? Evaluate and make the best choice for your pocket!

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